Loop54 needs an up to date description of your product catalog in order to provide correct results. Have a look at the product feed guide for more details on how to export the product catalog. After the initial data import Loop54 needs to be continuously updated by regularly syncing the feed. This sync will be scheduled to run at regular time intervalls by your Loop54 Customer Success Manager. In addition to the scheduled syncs you can also trigger a sync job by calling the API.

Sync Call

In order to trigger a sync job you need to call the sync() function.

//create a client with a null client info provider (because we don't need user context when syncing)
ILoop54Client client = new Loop54Client(new RequestManager(new Loop54Settings("", "TestApiKey")),
    new NullClientInfoProvider());

Response response = client.Sync();
C# source code on Github: SyncController.cs
// Set up a Loop54Client with an Api key and a null client info (we don't need metadata about the user here)
Loop54Settings settings = new Loop54Settings("", "TestApiKey");
ILoop54Client client = new Loop54Client(new RequestManager(settings), () -> new NullClientInfo());

Response response = client.sync();
Java source code on Github:
var client = Loop54.getClient("", null, "TestApiKey");
var response = client.sync();
JavaScript source code on Github: sync.js
PHP source code on Github: Simple.php

The sync() call is also available via the API.