This document explains how to implement Loop54. We've done our best to make implementation as easy as possible and we hope you like it!

Our technical documentation consists of three sections:

  • A step-by-step developer guide to set up a basic implementation for searching and related features. This section will guide you through setting up communication with the engine, creating requests, receiving responses and sending the correct events back to the search engine.
  • Connectors for simple integrations with the following programming languages: Javascript, PHP, .NET and Java
  • An extensive API reference allows you to customise your integration as you want

Developer Guide

The developer guide provides a technical overview of what aspects to consider when implementing the Loop54 search engine. A typical implementation will follow the steps below, follow the link under each step for more details.

This guide assumes that you are using one of our Connectors and the examples shown are demonstrated with code examples for each connector. The same functionality as demonstrated here can of course be achieved by interfacing our API directly.


To simplify your integration, we have created convenience connectors that takes care of everything you normally need in a standard integration such as handling user ID cookies, forwarding client metadata, JSON serialization and HTTP plumbing.

If you are using a programming language not listed below or require a customised integration please refer to the API reference.

If you want a general overview of what a Loop54 implementation should contain, please refer to our developer guide

Select the programming language relevant to you from the list below.





API Reference

If your programming language isn't represented in the list of Connectors you can integrate directly with our API.

Loop54 API reference

OpenAPI JSON Schema